Privacy Statement

We respect your privacy. This is why we have taken the time to disclose our information collection practices and our privacy policy. Please take the time to review this document.

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This Policy is for -

Pipemarkers Australia
188 Campbell Rd
Sheldon, Qld, 4157

Voice Contact Number:  07-3206-2826
Fax Contact Number:     07-3206-0356
Contact Email Address:

Access to information collected by our website -

None: no access to identified data is given.

Dispute Resolution Policies -

Customer Service: Individual may complain to the Web site's customer service representative for resolution of disputes regarding the use of collected data.


Errors or wrongful actions arising in connection with the privacy policy will be remedied by the service.

Purposes for Data Collection:

Completion and Support of Activity For Which Data Was Provided: Information may be used by the service provider to complete the activity for which it was provided, whether a one-time activity such as returning the results from a Web search, forwarding an email message, or placing an order; or a recurring activity such as providing a subscription service, or allowing access to an online address book or electronic wallet.

Contacting Visitors for Marketing of Services or Products Via Telephone: Information may be used to contact the individual via a voice telephone call for promotion of a product or service.

Who recieves the information collected:

Ourselves and/or entities acting as our agents or entities for whom we are acting as an agent: An agent in this instance is defined as a third party that processes data only on behalf of the service provider for the completion of the stated purposes. (e.g., the service provider and its printing bureau which prints address labels and does nothing further with the information.)

Delivery services possibly following different practices: Legal entities performing delivery services that may use data for purposes other than completion of the stated purpose. This should also be used for delivery services whose data practices are unknown.

Information is retained for an indeterminate period of time.

Data Collected includes:

User Name is collected.

Navigation and Click-stream Data, Computer Information is collected from system logs.

Navigation and Click-stream Data, Computer Information is collected from HTTP Protocol information.

How the user interacts with their Web browser while interacting with a resource is captured.

Interaction with you is retained on the server. Information such as account transactions, etc.